Monday, February 22, 2010

BYS Voodoo Violet vs. Nina Purple-Xing

So I wanted Voodoo Violet forever and ever and ever, and I was lucky enough to be around when someone on the nail board at MakeUpAlley posted a link to a site that sells BYS with shipping to the US:  It took about a month to get here, and when I took out the several bottle(s) of Voodoo Violet I was like, 'Heeeeyyy wait a minute...'


 Left: Nina Ultra Pro Purple-Xing / Right: BYS Voodoo Violet

The Nina is brighter, more vivid--I want to say redder?  It also has more bling, and the BYS has more of the smaller glitter.  A lot more--it gives it a frosty look of which I am not really a big fan.

I tried my best to get comparison pictures on my nails *hides 50,000 popsicle swatch comparison pics that failed* but hey it's purple, and I only have a desk top OTT Lite.  I guess I should get a bigger one.  I wish I'd known that.

Index and ring: Purple-Xing
Middle and pinky: Voodoo Violet

I prefer the color/glitter/bling of Purple-Xing, but I love the name Voodoo Violet (just so you know).   I mean what IS "Purple-Xing" anyway??  By the way, I say it, "Purple 'zing'".  Just because I am anal, and if they wanted it to be "ex-ing" or "crossing" they would've (or should've) put the dash in between the "x" and the "i".

I really wish Blogger had a preview option (do they?).  I will edit this forty-thousand times.

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  1. I think it does, but I never use it. I always end up looking at my post and editing it several times before I give up. :P