Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pure Ice Jamaica Me Crazy (featuring cheap rings)

Today is not a good day for me polish-wise.  Lately my nails are wonky from the corners breaking of left and right and I've been getting shrinkage so I haven't been taking any pictures.  So today I was going to post about something totally non-polish related and I figured I'd just post a wonky picture anyway.

Pure Ice Jamaica Me Crazy
(or, as my fingers insist on typing it, Jamaice Me Crazy)

This is 3 coats (bad idea, you'll see) over Salon Sciences Instant Artificals (plus Orly Glosser + Seche Vite).

Say hello to my leetle cat hair
My ring finger is janky because it broke on my steering wheel. Yeah.

Then I decided I'd take pictures of my new rings.  I get my rings from because I have full-figured fingers. 


Either my fingers lost weight or Torrid changed their sizes, because they are both too big for me.  The black one is a size 11 (I told you) and the white one is a size 10.

See how the white one is crooked?  That really bothered me, so I thought I'd be able to twist it a tiny bit to make it straight.  


Then I tried to super glue it which didn't turn out very super.  Maybe nail glue will work better.  It sure works well on my fingers.  Anyway this is what I got out of trying to super glue it:

This was well after I'd finished my manicure.  Maybe 2 hours?  

I tried Orly Smudge Fixer.

Then I said, "F this," and went grocery shopping.


  1. I never heard of "Orly smudge fixer"?? How does it work?

  2. aww haha this post was funny though i'm sorry you had a frustrating time. i have "full-sized" fingers too!
    really pretty colour polish though!

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