Monday, April 12, 2010

OPI Sugar Plum Yum Glitter

Has it been two months since my last post?  I think it's been two months.  Maybe one.  Great way to start a blog!  I have been working tons of overtime and all I've been doing is coming home from work, changing my nails every other day (this is unheard of in my world--I usually change every day), and going straight to bed.  No time to mess with hundreds of pictures to find one decent enough to post.  I did manage to get pictures of two recent manicures, though.

On Good Friday my aunt and I went to see a performance of St John's Passion by Bach.  It was really neat, although I really don't think Jesus was a baritone.  I wore OPI Fit For a Queensland with OPI Sugar Plum Yum Glitter on top of it.  I may have spent a good deal of the concert moving my nails under the lights.  The rest of the time was spent reading along on the programme, trying to keep up with both the German lyrics and the English translation.  Oh there was one phrase that I found very moving, when Jesus died on the cross.  He hung his head and "gave up the ghost".  Isn't that beautiful??

(Please excuse the smudge.)

This past Saturday I wanted to do a gray with purple glitter, so I did Color Club Revvvolution + OPI Sugar Plum Yum Glitter.  I'm not sure why I chose SPYG, since I obviously knew better that it wasn't purple.  I thought it still looked neat, though.

(I'm still trying to figure out which pose/angles I like.)

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pure Ice Jamaica Me Crazy (featuring cheap rings)

Today is not a good day for me polish-wise.  Lately my nails are wonky from the corners breaking of left and right and I've been getting shrinkage so I haven't been taking any pictures.  So today I was going to post about something totally non-polish related and I figured I'd just post a wonky picture anyway.

Pure Ice Jamaica Me Crazy
(or, as my fingers insist on typing it, Jamaice Me Crazy)

This is 3 coats (bad idea, you'll see) over Salon Sciences Instant Artificals (plus Orly Glosser + Seche Vite).

Say hello to my leetle cat hair
My ring finger is janky because it broke on my steering wheel. Yeah.

Then I decided I'd take pictures of my new rings.  I get my rings from because I have full-figured fingers. 


Either my fingers lost weight or Torrid changed their sizes, because they are both too big for me.  The black one is a size 11 (I told you) and the white one is a size 10.

See how the white one is crooked?  That really bothered me, so I thought I'd be able to twist it a tiny bit to make it straight.  


Then I tried to super glue it which didn't turn out very super.  Maybe nail glue will work better.  It sure works well on my fingers.  Anyway this is what I got out of trying to super glue it:

This was well after I'd finished my manicure.  Maybe 2 hours?  

I tried Orly Smudge Fixer.

Then I said, "F this," and went grocery shopping.

Monday, February 22, 2010

BYS Voodoo Violet vs. Nina Purple-Xing

So I wanted Voodoo Violet forever and ever and ever, and I was lucky enough to be around when someone on the nail board at MakeUpAlley posted a link to a site that sells BYS with shipping to the US:  It took about a month to get here, and when I took out the several bottle(s) of Voodoo Violet I was like, 'Heeeeyyy wait a minute...'


 Left: Nina Ultra Pro Purple-Xing / Right: BYS Voodoo Violet

The Nina is brighter, more vivid--I want to say redder?  It also has more bling, and the BYS has more of the smaller glitter.  A lot more--it gives it a frosty look of which I am not really a big fan.

I tried my best to get comparison pictures on my nails *hides 50,000 popsicle swatch comparison pics that failed* but hey it's purple, and I only have a desk top OTT Lite.  I guess I should get a bigger one.  I wish I'd known that.

Index and ring: Purple-Xing
Middle and pinky: Voodoo Violet

I prefer the color/glitter/bling of Purple-Xing, but I love the name Voodoo Violet (just so you know).   I mean what IS "Purple-Xing" anyway??  By the way, I say it, "Purple 'zing'".  Just because I am anal, and if they wanted it to be "ex-ing" or "crossing" they would've (or should've) put the dash in between the "x" and the "i".

I really wish Blogger had a preview option (do they?).  I will edit this forty-thousand times.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

BYS Voodoo Violet


Not really the best pictures, but it just wouldn't do to start this blog with any color other than this one.

Apparently I could've used a third coat, but two looks good in person.  You'll notice some color pulled from the tips (or maybe you won't--except I just pointed it out).

I was recently taught the difference between holographic and prismatic.  I hope I'm right in calling this prismatic?

Now how the heck do I follow people who don't have a Blogger navigation bar on the top of their blog???

NOTE: I am on MUA but prefer not to state explicitly who I am on there.  You can probably figure it out anyway. ;)