Monday, April 12, 2010

OPI Sugar Plum Yum Glitter

Has it been two months since my last post?  I think it's been two months.  Maybe one.  Great way to start a blog!  I have been working tons of overtime and all I've been doing is coming home from work, changing my nails every other day (this is unheard of in my world--I usually change every day), and going straight to bed.  No time to mess with hundreds of pictures to find one decent enough to post.  I did manage to get pictures of two recent manicures, though.

On Good Friday my aunt and I went to see a performance of St John's Passion by Bach.  It was really neat, although I really don't think Jesus was a baritone.  I wore OPI Fit For a Queensland with OPI Sugar Plum Yum Glitter on top of it.  I may have spent a good deal of the concert moving my nails under the lights.  The rest of the time was spent reading along on the programme, trying to keep up with both the German lyrics and the English translation.  Oh there was one phrase that I found very moving, when Jesus died on the cross.  He hung his head and "gave up the ghost".  Isn't that beautiful??

(Please excuse the smudge.)

This past Saturday I wanted to do a gray with purple glitter, so I did Color Club Revvvolution + OPI Sugar Plum Yum Glitter.  I'm not sure why I chose SPYG, since I obviously knew better that it wasn't purple.  I thought it still looked neat, though.

(I'm still trying to figure out which pose/angles I like.)


  1. I don't know if you see this but I find it sad that you don't blog. Maybe there isn't time but I just wanted to let you know I'm hoping to see more. :) If you're up for it.

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